Wednesday, 3 November 2010

‎"Justine's cats". 30" x 20" Acrylic and Posca pen on canvas.


  1. Hey Riko, how are you, im glad to see you stll produce paintings, love them all, especially this one coz moz and the smiths are very big on my life.
    Stay well, ba bye.

  2. Hey Bunny, glad you like the painting. I like doing cats best. I've not really been producing quite as many as I was, think I'm just going through a stage. Hope you are well and painting lots? x

  3. Hey Riko!, how are you man? you have been silent to the blog, have you been painting? a masterpiece perhaps?
    Im doing quite well i moved from my parents house and now i live kinda on my own, i have not been painting but next year is my year.
    I opened a new blog, where i will upload my paintings when they are done.
    Well, i streched quite a bit, so, bye bye and best wishes to you.